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~Victoria's Grassland Biome~

Grassland Weather

Living in Grasslands
Location of Grasslands

What are living conditions in the grasslands like?

There are actually only two "seasons" in the grassland area: the growing season and the dormant season of time. During the dormant season, nothing can grow because it is so cold (it can get to be -40 degrees F). In the growing season, 100-175 days long, it can get up to 70 degrees F, and plants can grow. There is absolutely no chance of frost to occur during this time period. There is not much change of temperature throughout each "season"; the only daily-seasonly changes are the temperature, growing of plants and frost.

The rainfall in grasslands really depends on what type of grassland you are talking about. If you are in a temperate grassland, the average rainfall per year ranges from 10-30 inches. In tropical and sub-tropical grasslands, the average rainfall per year ranges from 25-60 inches per year. The amount of rainfall is very important in determining which areas are grasslands.

This is a climate chart for the savanna area of Ghana, Africa. As you can see here, the temperature gets very high, but the average rainfall amount does not.

This is an example of a 1 day weather report on part of the African savanna grassland, in Accra, Ghana.
  • Scattered T-Storms, Precipitation chance: 60%

  • High Temp 84F, Low 73F

  • Wind: SW 14 mph

  • Max. Humidity: 76%

  • UV Index: 10+ Extreme

  • Sunrise: 5:49 AM Local Time

  • Tonight
  • Scattered T-Storms, Precipitation chance:60%

  • Wind: WSW 13 mph

  • Max. Humidity: 89%

  • Sunset: 5:54 PM Local Time

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