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~Victoria's Grassland Biome~

Plants Living in Grasslands
Living in Grasslands
Location of Grasslands

What types of living things inhabit the grassland area?
Examples of plant life in the grassland biome.

  • DOWNY PHLOX (phlox pilosa)

  • WILD BERGAMOT (monarda fistulosa)

  • RATTLESNAKE MASTER (eryongium yuccifolium)

  • WANDERING JEW (tradescantia fluminesis)

  • SEDGE (cladium tetraquetrum)

    In the wide open grassland areas, the plants fend for themselves. They are out in the sunlight all day if it is growing season. Many of these plants can become large, but they are unable to provide food or shelter for anything else but themselves.
    A downy phlox is a perrenial plant that can grow up to 50 cm or 20 inches in height. It is around the grassland area all spring. Besides in the grasslands and other meadows, downy phlox's can be found in woods areas.
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