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~Victoria's Grassland Biome~

Living in Grasslands
Living in Grasslands
Location of Grasslands

Can living things depend on one another to live within grasslands?

What animals/plants eat in their specific area are all categorized by food webs. The animals (consumers) and plants (producers)food can be paired and combined in many ways.

This is an example of a food web in the grassland area. As you can see, the main producer is the plant, in this case the grass. Mice, fox and others all eat When an organism is adapted to its environment, it is used to or able to survive in its environment. Also, it can develop special characteristics to help survive. Here are some examples as to how organisms survive in the grassland area.

A wild bergamot is a flower with very unique characteristics. It can grow up to 12-36 inches high. It's part of the mint (Lamiaceae) family because it soothes peoples colds. But one of the most important characteristics that helps it survive in the grasslands is its being a perrenial plant. If it were not a perrenial, a fire could easily kill it off, making it unable to live. But this key feature helps it to survive.

A demoiselle crane is an example of an animal that adapts. It is one of the tallest birds in the world, and can be recognized easily. These cranes can also live in a forested area, and they have special adaptations to live in that area, also. In the woods, its prehensal hind toe can help it to easily nest in trees. However, in the grassland area, their short toes can help them to run around, whether away from a predator, whoever that might be, or just for fun.

A symbiotic relationship is when there are two organisms that can benefit from each other's working together as a team. This is a positive type of relationships, as others can be parasites and hosts and one can be harmful to the other.
One example of this in the grassland biome is one between the oxpecker bird and a rhinocerous. An oxpecker prefers open country, in which a grassland area can provide for it. Rhinoceroses come from three tribes, and one is originating in Africa.
The oxpecker really provides for the rhino. It eats parasites living on the rhinos skin, and warn it of danger, and in return, the oxpecker receives food to eat.

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