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~Victoria's Grassland Biome~

Animals Living in Grasslands

Living in Grasslands
Location of Grasslands

What types of living things inhabit the grassland area?
Examples of animal life in the grassland biome.

PAMPAS FOX (Pseudalopex gymnocercus)

Kingdom Animalia-> Phylum Chordata-> Class Mammalia-> Order Carnivoria-> Family Canidae-> Species Pseudalopex gymnocercus

These are very interesting---they are "pseudo-foxes", false foxes. Pampas foxes would look like red foxes, except for they are small and gray. The fur is gray in the underparts and back, short, and on the outer surface, red. Their ears are large and triangular.

Mating season is from July to October. It normally takes 60-65 days worth of gestation to receive babies, usually 3-5. By 3 months old, they hunt with their parents.

DEMOISELLE CRANE (Anthropoides virgo)

Kingdom ->Animalia, Phylum ->Chordata, Class ->Aves, Order ->Gruiformes, Family ->Gruidae, Genus ->Anthropoides, Species ->Anthropoides virgo

Demoiselle cranes, or cranes in general, are very large. They have long necks, long legs, and long, rounded wings. Cranes can be between 90 and even over 150 cm tall. Among others the demoiselle crane is the shortest kind. They also have short toes that allow them to run around in their grassland habitat. They usually have a life span of about 29 years.

Cranes mate, and when in the grassland areas, the cranes create nests in the open grassland, not spending much time on it. There are two sexually mature cranes required, and the gestation period is 28 days. Demoiselle cranes tend to have up to two babies.

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